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Self-assessment tools & Checklists

Safeguarding Solutions Australia provide access to these free, user-friendly tools to help organisations self-assess their current practices and processes relating to health, safety and wellbeing of children, young and vulnerable people.

Recruitment, selection & Induction self assessment tool

Is your organisation doing everything possible to ensure volunteers and staff are safe and appropriate to work with children, young and vulnerable people? This tool will help Human Resource Officers, People Managers and Talent Acquisition Professionals identify areas of risk and opportunities for improvement in your people management practices.

Safeguarding OH&S and Risk Management self assessment tool

Identifying, assessing and managing safeguarding risks is one of the most effective methods of promoting safety and preventing harm. Use this checklist to self-assess your organisations culture of safety, understanding of institutional risk and risk maturity.

Complaints & Incident Management Self-Assessment Tool

This tool will help HR Professionals, Complaints Officers and Managers self-assess current practices relating to complaints management, reporting obligations (internal and external), natural justice, procedural fairness and investigation management.

Safeguarding Knowledge & Awareness Self-Assessment Tool

Ensuring your volunteers and staff have the necessary knowledge to identify and prevent harm occurring to vulnerable people is essential. This checklist helps organisations identify the baseline skills, qualifications and knowledge of your workforce. This helpful tool will assist organisations in determining its training needs and priorities moving forward.

Safeguarding Policy, Procedure & Practice Self-Assessment Tool

Most organisations have safeguarding policies and procedures in place – but are they as effective, embedded and utilised as they could be? This tool will help your organisation self-assess your organisations approach to the development, implementation and review of your organisations key documents.

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Safeguarding Services Australia supports organisations in identifying, improving and managing the organisational and operational obligations related to safeguarding children, young and vulnerable people.

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