Professional Services

Professional SErvices

Audit & Accreditation Support

Are you preparing for an internal audit or third-party accreditation? Safeguarding Solutions Australia are experienced in supporting organisations required to hold and maintain accreditation against standards such as:

  • Quality Innovation Performance Health and Community Service Standards
  • Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) Human Service Standards
  • Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority National Quality Framework
  • Rainbow Tick Standards
  • Australian Council for International Development
  • Australian NGO Accreditation, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

We also regularly undertake audits for organisations, and assist them in preparing for third party audit and assessment against safeguarding standards including:

  • National Principles for Child Safe Organisations, National Office for Child Safety, Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet
  • Victorian Child Safe Standards – Commission for Children and Young People, Victorian Government
Every organisation is unique, and at Safeguarding Solutions Australia we take pride in ensuring that our safeguarding solutions are contextualised to the profile, nature, operational context, scale and requirements of our clients.

Professional SErvices


Do you need to enhance your governance, risk and compliance practices? Strong processes around organisational governance, risk and compliance are essential to creating a culture of safety for children, young and vulnerable people. Achieving this requires that leadership, executive, committees and the board have the information necessary to make risk-informed decisions at a strategic level.

Key services include:

  • Safeguarding Governance Workshops and Training
  • Auditing and Assessment
  • Regulatory Support and Management
  • Enterprise and Institutional Risk Assessment and Management Planning
  • Development and Review of Safeguarding frameworks, policies, procedures, practice guides

Professional SErvices

Strategic planning & support

Working out where to start your safeguarding journey? Or looking to improve and enhance your safeguarding approach?

Safeguarding Solutions Australia offer strategic assessment and recommendations reports to help organisations identify priorities, opportunities and improvement actions. Our strategic and evidence-informed process considers the enterprise and operational nature of your organisation, legislation and standards relevant to your business, and your unique institutional risk-profile.

This process enables Boards, Executive and Leadership Groups to make decisions relating to governance, resource allocation and business planning with confidence.

Professional SErvices

Crisis & Regulatory Support

When things don’t go to plan, reach out to the team at Safeguarding Solutions Australia. Our team have extensive experience in supporting organisations to proactively and effectively manage relationships with statutory authorities, government departments and funding bodies and other regulators such as the Commission for Children and Young People.

Core services include:

  • Internal Auditing,
  • Corrective action planning,
  • Development of strategic plans and
  • Management and oversight of external reporting obligations.

Professional SErvices

Training & Education

Does your workforce have the knowledge and information necessary to prevent, detect and report potential risks of harm faced by children, young and vulnerable people?

Many organisations are obligated to ensure staff and volunteers participate in safeguarding training. Safeguarding Solutions Australia offers a raft of tailored short courses and interactive workshops to enhance your workforce capability. Training sessions can be tailored to all levels of your organisation, and contextualised to reflect your organisations needs, policies and procedures.

Popular training topics include:

  • Introduction to Safeguarding – Principles & Practice
  • Child Safety Officer Training
  • Understanding your Safeguarding Governance, Risk & Compliance Obligations
  • Identifying Indicators of Harm & Abuse
  • Safeguarding Risk Identification, Assessment & Management
  • Managing and Investigating Complaints, Concerns & Allegations

Safeguarding Solutions Australia

Safeguarding Services Australia supports organisations in identifying, improving and managing the organisational and operational obligations related to safeguarding children, young and vulnerable people.

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